learning and conditioning general psychology

Learning and Conditioning

In this Chapter “Learning and Conditioning” you will read the following Psychology topics in Urdu. You will also find cognitive meaning in Urdu, operant conditioning meaning in Urdu, reinforcement meaning in Urdu, insight, and bilateral meaning in Urdu Learning and Conditioning.  Imprinting Laws of Learning Law of Exercise Law of Effect Law of Readiness Learning … Read more

thinking tools types and theory in psychology

Thinking Tools , Types & Theory | Concept Formation in Psychology

Learn Psychology Thinking, Tools of Thinking Theory of Concept Formation Steps in Concept Formation Types Concepts Thinking & Characteristics of Creative People with the following detailed topics by Imran Shahzad. Thinking is a process that we use to make sense of the world around us and our place in it. In psychology, we talk about … Read more

Image of Memory Process Retention Learning

Memory Process Retention, Learning , Recognition & Recall

You will read the following Memory Process Retention, Learning, Recognition & Recall topics described below… Memory Process Retention, Learning, Recognition & Recall Types of Memory Sensory Memory Short-term Memory; STM Storage Chunking Long-term Memory, LTM Theories of Memory Dual Memory Theory Theory of Memory by Muller & Pilzechar Neurological Theory Ebbinghaus’s Theory of Memory Material … Read more