Learning and Conditioning

In the Chapter “Learning and Conditioning” you will read following Psychology topics in Urdu.

  • Learning and Conditioning
  • Imprinting
  • Laws of Learning
  • Law of Exercise
  • Law of Effect
  • Law of Readiness
  • Learning by Insight or Cognition
  • Learning by Trial and Error
  • Learning by Conditioning
  • Classical Conditioning
  • Operant Of Instrumental Conditioning
  • Operant Conditioning
  • Reinforcement
  • Primary and Secondary Reinforcement
  • Positive and Negative Reinforcement
  • Classical vs Operant Conditioning
  • Transfer of Training or Learning
  • Positive Transfer of Learning
  • Negative Transfer of Learning
  • Bilateral Transfer of Learning
  • Difference b/w Transfer of Learning & Bilateral Transfer of Learning
  • Factors affecting Transfer of Learning


You can search Them by topics like

  • What is learning and conditioning?
  • What are the various types of learning?
  • When was classical conditioning discovered?
  • What are the three types of learning styles?
  • Insight Meaning In Urdu
  • Cognition Meaning In Urdu
  • Reinforcement Meaning In Urdu
  • Psychology Meaning In Urdu
  • Theory Meaning In Urdu
  • Readiness Meaning In Urdu
  • Psychologist Meaning In Urdu
  • Operant Conditioning Meaning In Urdu
  • Psychology Definition In Urdu
  • Psychology Lectures In Urdu


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